How often do you think your business should redesign your brand?

Every 12 months? 3 years? 5 years? When everyone gets bored? When the boss fancies a change?

The truth is we should work to develop our brand every day.

Designing and developing a brand is not a one-off project. Brand development is an essential part of your business operations, just as Marketing or Accounts are.

Think of your brand not simply as your logo, colours etc., but as the promise you make to your customers, and how you fulfil that promise.

Once we understand this, we can see that our brand is as much about how we behave as how our business looks.

So to develop and promote our brand effectively we must stay consistent with our promise in everything we say and do.

Whether we are writing copy for our website, or a simple email to a client, we need to keep in mind that we are always expressing our brand.

And this applies just as much when we’re communicating with colleagues and employees as it does with customers. Suppliers too.

This is why I talk about the importance of developing your Brand Culture.

This is so important because it will inspire everyone in your workplace to play a conscious and enthusiastic role in developing your business. And that’s really powerful.

When we develop Brand Culture, we keep our Brand Promise at the forefront of our minds. This is the key to delivering a consistent and fulfilling experience for customers. To exceeding their expectations, and turning them into raving fans.

Even better, we motivate ourselves and our colleagues to achieve more. We look for opportunities to improve our work and find our role more rewarding.

This attitude is what will keep your business ahead as you adapt to an ever-changing environment and evolving market place.

But building Brand Culture is not easy. It takes commitment, creativity, hard work and the right mindset. It’s not a finite project, but a vital ongoing part of your business.

Investing in ongoing support and guidance from an independent brand specialist will show you the way, bringing your team along with you and keeping everyone on track.

What’s more, it is an investment that will help make every part of your business more effective – and profitable.

Let’s have a call to discuss how I can help you set your business on the path to greater success.

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