Thinkography’s goal is to revolutionise how employers interact with their people.

The conventional approach to employee engagement is failing clients and their people alike. With our insight, understanding and creativity, we challenge existing ideas with a fresh, more effective methodology that delivers measurable improvements to your bottom line, and ensures your people discover a more meaningful and satisfying relationship with their work. We believe this is essential to both productivity and personal fulfilment, and the key to delivering a richer – and more profitable – experience for your customers.

A strong employee brand brings real business benefits at every stage of an employee’s relationship with your business, and extends outside of your organisation to ensure the very best candidates are brought in as your team grows. Our goal for every client is to help them become the number one choice of employer for the most talented people in their sector.

The end goal of everything we do is to build happier, more connected and effective teams, engaged with rewarding work and driven on by a common purpose and vision; and as a result, delivering outstanding, sustainable business success.

Brand Culture

The route to genuine, sustainable employee engagement lies in the concept we call Brand Culture, which we define as this:

“A vision and system of beliefs shared between your company, employees and customers that creates an inspiring brand with meaning and purpose, that drives your business forward.”

What does great Brand Culture look like in practice?

Brand Culture is expressed through everybody and everything in your workplace, how you engage with your customers, how you and your team live and breathe your vision and purpose everyday.

Everyone throughout the organisation is motivated to play a conscious, active and enthusiastic role in developing the brand, delivered with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, and a powerful sense of direction.

This leads to personal fulfilment, customer satisfaction and collective success.

The Principles That Guide Us

We are driven by the desire to build extraordinary businesses and see our clients achieve extraordinary things. We’re not concerned about winning back-slapping design industry awards.

We promote and live by the Japanese principle of Kaizen – seeking constant and never-ending improvement. This is key to unlocking your team’s full potential, and will help everyone in your organisation take shared responsibility to be the very best they can be.

Clients find our work meaningful. The nature of our methodology helps us build deep bonds with our clients – achieving long-held ambitions can get emotional! Together we’ll build sustainable, lasting value that benefits everyone involved.

We believe defining and communicating your vision is the most important aspect of your role as a business leader. Your people can only fully support you if they know and understand what drives the decisions you make and the end result that you are all aiming for.

At the same time, employees should share responsibility for their own engagement and be encouraged to take control of it. The key is to align people’s personal ambition with your organisation’s goals.

Proudly Somerset-based, our rural perspective gives us a close connection with what’s truly valuable in life. We want to give everyone the chance to share the same sense of purpose and fulfilment that we enjoy.

Now it’s important we find out about you! Let’s have a chat about how we can help you achieve your vision for your business.

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