Seven Steps to Build Great Employee Engagement

(and why Brand Culture is the Answer)

Thinkography’s half-day workshop takes delegates through the process of building a powerful brand around a meaningful and clearly expressed brand promise. And it will show you how this process is the answer to great employee engagement that we’ve all been searching for.

The same branding principles that we use to attract your ideal customers, are just as effective when drawing your employees together into a powerful team.

We’ll look at your purpose, vision and story and how communicating this is essential to inspire and motivate your people.

You’ll learn a fresh new approach and develop highly-engaged employees who are fully committed to your organisation and the clients you serve.

The workshop is invaluable for helping your people prepare for and navigate the rapidly changing landscape of today’s world. We’ll discuss embracing change as an essential part of success, and how new challenges provide an exciting opportunity to thrive, both personally and together as an organisation.

In an entertaining and informative four hours, we’ll look in detail at:

• Define what we mean by ‘Brand’
• Understand what we mean by ‘employee engagement’ – and why it matters
• New ways to motivate and inspire your team
• How to develop a meaningful Brand Promise
• The importance of story
• Aligning personal ambition with company vision
• Inspiring behaviour change
• Measuring success of your brand against business performance
• Everyone’s role in leadership
• Inspiring the most talented people to join and grow your team
• Build a culture that embraces change and the chance to develop your business

This is a practical workshop with plenty of interaction and exercises. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to develop Brand Culture in your own organisation.

It has the power to transform your business and drive sustainable success.

Why not ask me to run the workshop in-house for your team, department or management board? The session is ideal as part of a change management programme, rebranding project or employee engagement initiative.

Contact me now to find out dates and locations of future events, or if you would like me to discuss running the workshop for your own team.


“Excellent and really powerful, Danny. This could help so many businesses and it’s delivered really well!”
James Green, BiGDUG

“Delivered in a well-structured way” Mandy Smith, Purnhouse Farm

“I nearly didn’t make it here because I’m so busy. But I’m glad I did!”
Robert Brown, Lewis Brown

“The workshop gave me a greater understanding of branding and its importance internally in an organisation.”
Nigel Hunt,

“Great take-aways. I love the structure and flow of the whole session”
Jo Reynolds, Justelle Marketing

Speaking events

I regularly speak on the subject of branding, employee engagement and internal communication.

Talks vary in length from 20 to 90 minutes. Get in touch if you’d like me to speak at your event.

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