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Light up your professional profile

Across all fields, there’s ever-increasing competition among consultants chasing a finite pool of work. To get ahead of the pack it’s crucial that you build your professional profile; BrandYou will design your own engaging, personal brand and help you win new clients.

As an independent solopreneur, you’re not just in business, you are your business! So you need to market your professional brand with just as much energy as a business launching a new product or service.

BrandYou has been designed to bring the same creative expertise and strategic understanding to you as an individual as all Thinkography’s clients enjoy.

Who’s it for?

For consultants and solopreneurs who need to establish a higher profile in their field.

Key features

Review your current situation
Define your brand foundations
Brand design and development
Set up your basic website
Set up your social media and networking
Follow up and support
Creative CV design add-on available
Photoshoot add-on available
Training add-on available

How does the package work?

Step One: Concept and Brand Foundations

Before we start designing, we’ll clearly define and understand your concept and ideas. We’ll set the foundations of your personal brand that will be the solid base that supports your marketing: your brand story, the promise you make to your customers, your personality and values. We’ll identify and define in detail your ideal client, and why they will work with you, and only you.

Step Two: Design Day

We’ll then take this deep understanding of what you offer and encapsulate it in your visual brand. Using our creativity we’ll design work that generates the respect and trust with your customer that will be the cornerstone of your success. We’ll set up together and create the personal brand ‘toolkit’ that will communicate your offer and values to your customers. You’ll have everything you need to start marketing yourself and developing your profile.

Step Three: The Follow-up

There are a number of extras that I can add to your package to tailor it to your exact needs. I have an affiliation with a superb portrait photographer who specialises in photo sets for business professionals. I can also arrange training in LinkedIn to ensure you make the most of this invaluable networking tool. And I can design you an outstanding, high-impact CV if job-seeking is part of your plans.

I’ll follow up our work with a review call after a few weeks so that we can assess progress and give you any extra support you need.

Thinkography’s BrandYou has the power to launch your successful career as an independent professional, or embolden and boost your established profile. So let’s start with a friendly call on the phone, without obligation, to discuss BrandYou in more detail.

Get in touch now.

(I’m confident we’ll love working together. I’m always happy to discuss working together on a longer term basis, too.)