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Effective internal communication requires more than just the final creative product. It demands insightful business strategy, understanding of people and what motivates them, and powerful use of words and pictures to drive behaviour change.

By aligning your people with your brand story, you encourage them to have a purpose, to believe in the value of what they do, your common purpose and what your brand stands for. Do this, and you will build a powerful team of advocates, that’ll stay for the entire journey. They will be your strongest promotional asset as their love of your brand will shine through to your customers.

Who’s it for?

For all business types – it is never too late for your employees to join you on your journey.

The Employee Brand Process

When we embark on the project to design your new employee brand, we have a carefully planned sequence to work through to ensure that our work with you delivers the return on investment you demand and deserve.

Our aim is always the same: to help you become the number one employer in your sector, that the very best employees want to work with, and stay working with.

We start with…

Thinkography’s Employee Brand process starts where all successful branding projects start: by understanding and defining the purpose of your business, your ‘Why?’.

Increasingly employees want to work for companies with a clear sense of what they stand for, and care deeply about why they do what they do, and how they do it.

This is the foundation upon which we’ll empower and energise your people.

Our next stage is to look forward together to imagine and define what the business could look like in the future. Driven by your purpose, what’s the vision we can share with your team that will inspire them to commit their future to yours?

Within your team, each and every person will have their own personal vision for what their future career holds. The more we can align your vision with theirs, the stronger and more enduring your relationship will be.

How do we elevate your internal communication from a dry corporate function into an energising force that drives your team to be the very best they can be? Together we’ll hit on the spark that will truly bring your employee brand to life.

Using the same creative skills and principles that we’d use to build your customer-facing marketing comms, we’ll design a powerful internal brand that defines why it’s great to be part of your business, and motivates your people – and those that aspire to work with you – to become the best and most authentic advocates of your brand.

Designing your employee brand is one thing. It will only achieve its potential if it is properly implemented and supported. That’s why an important part of our work is to help you lead the process, driving change and ensuring your investment in the project delivers the maximum benefit and impact on your organisation.

Thinkography’s work is about motivating action; inspiring great behaviours that actively build a more supportive, more productive and enthusiastic workplace culture.

Your employee brand is the catalyst to unite your people into a powerful, driven and happy team that will drive your business success now and into the future.

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