Danny Gosling, Founder, Thinkography

I’m Danny, Gosling, Founder and CEO of Thinkography, based in Montacute, near Yeovil in Somerset.

It’s our mission to revolutionise how employers interact with their people.

I’ve been a graphic designer all my career, for 25 years. In that time I’ve worked freelance for a large number of global brands (CocaCola, BMW, Nissan, Barclays, Manchester United, to name just a few) however I knew all along that I wanted to have my own design agency, which is why I started Thinkography.

It was Thinkography’s work with Clarks Shoes at their HQ in Street, Somerset, that really developed my interest and expertise in employee branding. Having worked freelance in the marketing studio I noted how much effort and resource went into developing their famous brand for customers, with little attention given to how employees felt about representing Clarks.

And when I thought about all the other companies I’d worked with, very few seemed to see their people as part of their brand at all. It struck me how much this potentially undermines even the most effective marketing efforts: after all, it is employees who interact with customers and are the human face of your brand; how much more powerful could a brand be if people genuinely felt connected with the company they work for, and were able to share in the vision that drives the company and find a greater sense of purpose in their work?

Clarks now recognise the importance of this connection with their people and today we work together to develop the internal brand that will excite and inspire their employees today and in the future. This of course plays an important part in helping them recruit the best people. Part of my goal for every client is to help them become the number one choice of employer for the most talented people in their sector.

Thinkography’s focus now is on developing new methodology and fresh ideas about how clients interact with their people and how we can drive a deeper understanding of employee engagement for everyone’s benefit, now and in the future.

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