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Launch your new product or service with a bang

Whether you’re a start-up, or an established company looking to launch a new service or product, Thinkography’s RapidBrandBuilder brand design package has been created to develop your ideas and concept into a marketable brand within just two days.

Working closely together, one to one, it’s an exhilarating mix of strategic thinking and creative idea generation that is as fun as it is energetic. We’ll achieve a lot in a short time.

Who’s it for?

Start-ups, an established company looking to launch a new service or product, or if you’re looking to rebrand your business from scratch

Key features

Define your concept
Define your brand foundations
Brand design and development
Follow up and support

How does the package work?

Step One: Concept and Brand Foundations

Before we start designing, we’ll clearly define and understand your concept and ideas, and set the foundations of your brand that will be the solid base that supports your marketing. We’ll write your brand story, the promise you make to your customers, and your values. And we’ll identify and define in detail your ideal client, and why they will buy from you, and only you.

Step Two: Design Day

Our creativity will take this deep understanding of your business offer and encapsulate it in your visual brand. We’ll ensure your brand design delivers the emotional engagement with your customer that will be the cornerstone of your sales success. We’ll set up together – usually at your premises – and create the visual brand and ‘toolkit’ that will communicate your brand offer and values to your customers. You’ll have everything you need to start marketing your new business idea.

Step Three: The Follow-up

I’ll follow up our call with another after a few weeks so that we can assess progress and give you any extra support you need.

You’ll end up with an irresistible brand that targets your ideal customer. And you’ll have the toolkit of online and offline marketing items that you’ll need to promote your new product or service.

Let’s talk through RapidBrandBuilder in more detail. Get in touch now.

(I’m confident we’ll love working together. I’m always happy to discuss working together on a longer term basis, too.)