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Supercharge your business – and profits

In an area as fast-paced and rapidly changing as marketing, your brand can quickly lose its sparkle. What started out as exciting and fresh can turn stale and stop performing. It’s time to rebrand.

BrandEnergiser has been designed to refresh and invigorate your established brand, and take your business to the next level. We’ll make sure it delivers the engagement with your customers that will drive greater sales.

Who’s it for?

For established businesses ready to rebrand and step up a gear.

Key features

Review your existing brand
Redefine your brand foundations
Set up your Action Plan
Brand design and development
Follow up and support

How does the package work?

Step One: The Plan

I’ll first spend time with you, on Skype or on the phone, to assess your branding challenge, establish what needs to be done, and set realistic goals. We’ll then create a practical Action Plan for us to follow, as we rebrand your offer, and give your business the turbo-boost it needs to drive more sales and grow your profits.

Your written Action Plan will be sent to you as a PDF and if you choose, I’ll also send you a recording of our call so that you can refer back to what we said whenever you like – no need to scribble notes!

Step Two: Design Day

The Action Plan will guide us as we focus on improving the necessary areas of improvement we’ve identified.

We’ll also make sure you have the ‘toolkit’ you’ll need to take the momentum forward into your future marketing.

Step Three: The Follow-up

I’ll follow up our call with another after a few weeks so that we can assess progress and give you any extra support you need.

Thinkography’s BrandEnergiser has the power to transform your business. So let’s start with a friendly call on the phone, without obligation, to discuss whether BrandEnergiser is right for you and your business.

Get in touch now.

(I’m confident we’ll love working together. I’m always happy to discuss working together on a longer term basis, too.)