Danny Gosling, Founder, Thinkography

Thinkography’s Brand Design Process

I’ve spent 24 years working in the creative industry – and for most of those years, I’ve been frustrated at how cumbersome and inefficient working with creative agencies can be – for clients and designers! And as the client, it’s your time and money that’s being wasted!

So I’ve set up Thinkography to be different. Branding your business, service or product should be fun. Rewarding. And exciting.

The key is in preparation. We’ll only start designing when we’ve defined the foundations of your brand. Like a house built on sand, no matter how good your design is, if the foundations are not rock-solid, your brand won’t last long.

What do we mean by Brand Foundations? These are at the heart of why you’re in business and choose to do what you do.

Your brand promise – why will customers want what you – and only you – can provide.

Your brand story – what has led you to be running your business. Your history, experience, ambitions, that have led to this point right now.

Your brand values and belief – what are you seeking to change, to make better? What’s most important to you, and why?

And at the heart of it all, your ideal client – understanding, in detail and in depth, exactly who will buy from you, and why.

Working with Thinkography, Stage One of branding your business will always be to establish your Brand Foundations.

Then we unleash our creativity to design a visual package that condenses all of this into an enticing, engaging message that will make your brand irresistible to your clients, keeping them coming back for more and motivating your staff, ensuring that they stay involved throughout your journey.

The Brand Triangle

So we’ve established your Brand Foundations and designed a powerful visual brand to communicate your key messages.

However, we don’t stop there.

Your brand not only dictates how your business looks; it’s also key to how your business behaves. Everything you say and do should reinforce your brand promise.

Central to Thinkography’s philosophy is the Brand Triangle (below), showing how your brand must bind together your External Marketing, Internal Marketing and Interactive marketing.

Ensure all of these areas are working together in harmony, and you will develop a truly outstanding, profitable brand.

At the heart of your success are your people. Building a brand that your employees wholeheartedly believe in empowers them to be your greatest advocates: customer focussed, driving sales and turning your vision into a commercial success.

You’ll find Thinkography’s approach a fresh and invigorating way to build a more successful brand.

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